Who We Are

HMS Financial Group is a full-service, financial planning and investment firm, providing a full complement of investment vehicles, insurance (including long-term care), retirement and education savings programs that are carefully selected in harmony with your life.

Your Vision

How you envision your future now influences the way in which you manage your financial affairs. Often that vision is blurry — the future is intangible, situations change, and retirement is far away. It is easier to be concerned with needs of the here and now. If you can envision a solvent and independent future, it is essential to do everything within your power to make that vision happen.

Our Knowledge and Expertise

HMS Financial Group helps clients achieve their financial goals through discipline, establishing close and long-term relationships, sharing knowledge and providing objective guidance. We distance ourselves from mainstream brokerage firms and other financial planners in our approach to and implementation of financial planning and investment.

Without the constraints of quotas, proprietary products, incentive commissions and production schedules, HMS Financial Group maintains market objectivity and caters solely to the needs and goals of each client.

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